[1.5.2/1.5.1] [16x] Stevian Villagers Texture Pack Download

The texture pack is a GREAT discovery that our team has found recently. The Author of this texture pack loves and keeps faithful to the look of vanilla Minecraft, however as many find, the villagers are quite ugly, with their large noses and incredible mono-brows  The Artist of this texture pack has fixed the problem. The texture pack doesn’t change anything in the game except the villagers, making them looking more like Steve and more friendly looking to the person. The texture pack remained in low resolution which is 16×16, so no need of mcpatcher this time.

Stevian Villagers Texture Pack

The texture pack replaces the villagers and gives us 6 more new characters that go around the village. The characters are: The Farmer, the Barmaid, The Blacksmith, The village Historian and a Lord Mayor. Each skin represents their class and behavior type. A very nice texture pack if you love interrogating with villages, really well used with village mods.

Stevian Villagers Texture Pack Main Features

The Texture pack replaces the skins of the villagers changing them into friendlier and brighter people. As though evolution has taken place and they’ve lost their ugly noses and large brows.

Stevian Villagers Texture Pack Pros and Cons

The villager kids now have beards… This is because they take their adult textures and there is no child.png to edit. Another thing is that you cannot define the gender of the villagers. SO you will see some strange mating action…

How to Install Stevian Villagers Texture Pack

  1. Download the texture pack and save it
  2. Open up your texture packs folder
  3. Copy the texture pack .zip into the folder
  4. Close all of the windows
  5. Enjoy!


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