[1.7.2/1.6.4] [16x] David’s Detailed Texture Pack Download

Do you like to play games based in Midieval fantasy, ripe with lore and dungeon crawling?  Maybe you would like to add the look of some of your adventures from other worlds to your Minecraft world!  Davids Detailed Texture pack is a 64×64 sized high definition texture pack with a ton of cool new textures to see!  This pack is highly detailed and has very cool looking animations, a large and attractive sky amongst many other things.  The skyline has a breath taking planet that needs to be enabled with MCPatcherHD, click on the HD packs and then the Better Skies option and you are ready to see this in action:

David's Detailed Texture Pack Sky
The sunsets look fantastic and even areas like the usually dark and musky feeling underground have a nice almost soft lit feel to them, giving it almost that retro vibe.  Its a fantastic medieval themed texture pack and here is just one example of how the buildings look:
David's Detailed Texture Pack David's Detailed Texture Pack

If you want a beautiful and realistic looking medieval texture pack, with a gorgeous sky and even nice lighting effects, for your Minecraft adventures, then look no further than Davids Detailed Texture pack!

Davids Detailed Texture Pack Main Features

  • Painstakingly designed medieval themed textures
  • Fancy skyline and added planet look amazing

How to Install Davids Detailed Texture Pack

  1. Go to Start Menu, type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft
  2. Download and run MCPatcherHD and enable HD textures and also Better Skies (Or download and install Optifine, also works!)
  3. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder and locate Texturepacks
  4. Place the entire file of Davids Detailed Texture Pack zip inside
  5. Run minecraft and choose the Davids Detaile Texture Pack and you are ready to play


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