[1.7.2/1.6.4] [64x] Affinity HD Texture Pack Download

Have you been searching for the best high definition texture pack out there? The HD affinity texture pack. Its brilliant, the effort put into this pack is extraordinary. I have used this pack for 2 days now, and havn’t changed my texture pack once in that time. I highly advise the use of this pack as it spices up your game to a whole new level.  This texture pack supports the latest feature of minecraft. The connected textures feature, allowing the players on the server that you are on at that time, with the feature on, to use the same texture pack set to the server. Not only this, but the pack runs with several different versions that run with: 64x, 128x, and 256x, Just incase your computer cant run the higher versions.

The texture pack adds a lot of rustic and role play feel to the game, once installed. Its as if the game has been completely changed, in fact, its as if its not even minecraft anymore. The mobs look deadlier, the environment ever realistic. Alot of the texture pack looks incredible, even though some of it is used by real life photo’s it works incredibly well with the rest of the texture pack. The artist in charge of all the minecraft paintings is incredibly good at what he/she does. I give a thumbs up to him and encourage him to continue what he wants to be doing.

How to install Affinity HD Texture Pack for Minecraft 

In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using OptiFine. Optifine is preferred as it includes all of the features of MCPatcher, and greatly increases game speeds and graphics settings. MCPatcher tends to be updated on the same day as Minecraft updates, so use it instead if you are in a hurry.

  • 1.Download either MCPatcher or OptiFine. If you downloaded OptiFine, skip to step 3.
  • 2.For MCPatcher: Run the mcpatcher-X.X.X.jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
  • 3.For Optifine: Install OptiFine like any other mod – By opening minecraft.jar, and placing the .class files from Optifine’s zip file within.


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