[1.7.10/1.6.4] [16x] Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack Download

The Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack is a very amazing Texture Pack. I love the way it has been designed. I especially love how the textures are incredibly basic and very simple. I have a few reasons why I love Texture Packs. Varying from tiling, shading, layout and theme. All of these things have to work with the set resolution of the pack. They also have to work well together. When a developer puts all of his/her effort and knowledge into a pack it usually comes out well. This also means they have to be experienced in the area, and know what they’re designing.

Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack

When you look at the image above. At first I found it plain and a little boring. I honestly didn’t like it, but I always give things a go. I downloaded and installed it and used it. I was amazing, truly. If you look carefully at the image again, the textures have a distinct way of layout that matches it’s theme of simplistic and cartoony-ness. If you look at the images below, where all the textures are put in together in buildings and other things it looks less plain. It looks much more exciting.

Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack

 Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack Main Features:

  • Great, colorful and bright textures!
  • Simple and plain textures that make it easier to look at!
  • Creating textures at a 16×16 resolution to go with its theme. This means less lag too, because of the resolution.
  • Cartoon themed textures, that are fun and nice.

Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to look at textures!
  2. Basic resolution. No lag.
  3. No need for patching.


  1. Can be way too bright for lengthened usage time.
  2. Can look too simple and boring.
  3. Not realistic. Not detailed.

How to install the Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack

  1. Download the Mranth0ny62’s Pixels Texture Pack.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open “texture packs” folder.
  3. Drag downloaded zip file into “texture pack” folder.
  4. Finished.


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