[1.9.4/1.8.9] [128x] Default HD Texture Pack Download


The normal Minecraft experience but in amazing 128x HD! Between a better sky and amazing shadowing, as well as new block stepping audio, this pack is different from the rest! Gives a shaders feel without the awful FPS drop! Better and more realistic grass that increases your FPS as well! This could be one of the fastest 128x packs up to date! (and that comes from someone with an outdated graphics card and runs Windows XP) I hope you enjoy Default HD! (Please NOTE: This pack looks much better with OptiFine, but does not require it. Though it is recommended).

dZ3X2wb - Imgur Ct40Q0k - Imgur xShPjAp - Imgur oliBnFr - Imgur q4hbb3B - Imgur

How to install Default HD Resource Pack

  • Download Default HD .zip
  • Locate your %appdata% folder
  • Open .minecraft
  • Locate the Resource Packs folder
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste the Default HD.zip into the resource pack folder
  • Boot Minecraft with desired version (1.6-1.8) (OptiFine Highly Recommend)
  • Go to resource packs (in options)
  • Select Default HD
  • Enjoy!


  1. Hello, I am the creator of Default HD and thank you for putting my pack on your site, though, there is an issue. Under the packs copyright and or rights, you are not permitted to share the pack in this manor unless you are using my official Curse Forge download link(s). I would like you to change the links as soon as possible. Thank you.

  2. Very very nice, but the Podsol is gray/white (mega taiga) thats the biome im living in, and that destroy the whole Pack for me 🙁 PLs fix

  3. It doesnt look that bad for what im looking for, Im looking for that Minecraft HD one for 1.9 I had it for 1.8 and now I want it for 1.9



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