[1.9.4/1.8.9] [128x] Wolion 3D Texture Pack Download

How to install Wolion 3D Resource Pack

  • 1. click on the yellow download link (see above), follow the steps
  • 2. be sure in which folder you downloaded the zip file (on windows vista and above it is normally “Downloads”), on Mac it will be the similar
  • 3. start minecraft
  • 4. click on “options”
  • 5. click on “resource packs…”
  • 6. click on “Open resource pack folder”, a new windows opens, named “resourcepacks”
  • 7. copy per drag’n drop the Wolion128_3D.zip from your Download Folder into the recently opened windows “resourcepacks”
  • 8. click the “done” button in minecraft, because minecraft has to reload the resource pack folder
  • 9. again click on “Resource packs…”, now you should see the “Wolion128_3D.zip”
  • 10. hover over the Wolion128_3D.zip icon and click the arrow, now Wolion128_3D.zip moves from “Available Resource Packs” to the “Selected Resource Packs” column.
  • 11. press “Done” and have fun!!!


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