[1.9.4/1.8.9] [16x] Jolicraft Halloween Texture Pack Download

What date is today? 31 october… wait what?!! This halloween andrejolicoeur creat a new texture pack which will give you the chills in minecraft and some more breeze and environment for halloween. Believe me there is eveything *everything* that you could think of about halloween in this texture pack, either its werewolves, zombies (old shit), ghost (basic like hell), and some cute kittens (chuck norris!!!). The texture pack includes lots of new skins, and premade haunted houses, This mod also in clude lots of new looks and playstyle which will enhance the feeling of halloween. The items that are made in this pack is very realistic too, the “maker” of this mod also gives her best on doing this and it was a “totall” success that even I have to admire. all in all this craft is a big change in the world of minecraft in another world of minecraft which is very interesting to try.


Jolicraft Halloween Texture Pack Features

  • The package totally remake minecraft
  • Epic smokes (very epic)
  • Cool skins included
  • New spooky terrains
  • GUIs and HUD’s
  • Underworld’s clouds (basic words: dark clouds)
  • You can kiss mobs (non-aggressive)
  • Boat, Bed, Cart, Sign, and hell lot more

How to Install Jolicraft Halloween Texture Pack

For Beginners

  1. Start minecraft
  2. Press the button under “multiplayer” that says “mods and texture pack”
  3. Some folder will pop up (don’t cose it)
  4. Drag and drop the texture pack
  5. You’re done

For Advance Players

The texture pack don’t techincally like 16×16 that require patcher very much, but it just can’t stand the unreal blue sucky water of the original 32×32 or 128×128 minecraft no longer. It will actually change the look of the whole pack if this was not done, So don’t forget to download the MCPatcher. Just do like what you always do (“better grass” recomended*) and that’s just it.

Special thanks

andrejolicoeur, thanks for this wonderful texture pack, whish you keep this up and one day i’ll put your picture and actually start to pray XD!!



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