[1.9.4/1.8.9] [256x] Intermacgod Realistic 3D Texture Pack Download







Installation for Minecraft 1.8 with OptiFine & Official Launcher (FULL FEATURES & LOOKS)

  • 1. Download Optifine HD and Install.
  • Note: This installer will install Optifine in the Official Launcher and will create a new profile ?Optifine? for it.
  • 2. Open Official launcher and change your (Profile) to ?Optifine?
  • 3. Click ?Edit Profile?
  • 4. Tick Box ?JVM Arguments?
  • 5. Change ?JVM Arguments? (-Xmx1G) to your memory size (RAM) EXAMPLE: (-Xmx2G) OR (-Xmx4G) OR (-Xmx8G) OR (-Xmx16G) and ?Save Profile?
  • (PLEASE NOTE: 64BIT WINDOWS ONLY for 512 and 256 Versions )
  • 6. Login and Click ?play?
  • 7. Click ?Options, Resource Packs?
  • 8. Click ?open resource pack folder?
  • 9. Place my Inter_Realistic_3D_ Resource_Pack.Zip into ResourcePack Folder.
  • 10. Choose Inter_Realistic_3D_Resource_ Pack.Zip
  • (Please Note: You must have a Super powerful computer and it can take up to 1 minute for the 512x pack to load.)
  • 11. Click ?Done? and play.
  • 256×256 Version is recommended for Most Users.

Texture Packs Loading Times

  • 512 x 512 about 1 Minute with Optifine
  • 256 x 256 between 30 seconds with Optifine
  • 128 x 128 about 20 seconds with Optifine
  • 64 x 64 about 5 seconds with Optifine

1 Comment

  1. uhh whats wrong with you. you got to make a texture for stone



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