[1.9.4/1.8.9] [64x] Dramatic Skys [Real HD] Texture Pack Download


Dramatic Skys is an add on pack that will make the sky in your game HD with realistic clouds and lighting. This pack works with any other resource pack, just simply add it over the other pack on the selection screen! This pack also causes no lag, none at all, so even the simplest of computers and laptops can use it easily without issue! The pack comeswith a realistic sun, moon, day sky, night sky, along with a sunrise and sunset. Also a custom star field.

How to install: 

  • Download Dramatic Skys .zip from the Curse Forge Widget below
  • Locate your %appdata% folder
  • Open .minecraft
  • Locate the Resource Packs folder
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste the Dramatic Skys.zip into the resource pack folder
  • Boot Minecraft with desired version (1.8.x-1.6) (OptiFine Highly Recommend)
  • Go to resource packs (in options)
  • Select Dramatic Skys
  • Enjoy!




  1. why wont the cloud textures work!?

  2. You have to have custom skies “ON” for the skies to work.

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