[1.4.7/1.4.6] [16x] Dark Realism Texture Pack Download

Dark Realism texture pack is a perfect choice for those who love horror movies and spooky games. Dark Realism texture pack was built from the “New Realism texture pack” and has an effect of gloom. The texture pack is amazing and is done by a fairly new Minecrafter “Mythra”. He added realism to the game without increasing the resolution which is perfect for weak PC’s and for players who dislike the High Definition texture packs in Minecraft as they feel it gives it a wrong feel of play. Dark Realism is a darker texture pack with it’s own elements that might even freak you out when you are playing at night.
The thing that had the most time dedicated to (in my opinion) are the paintings. They show horror images that can give you shivers down your spine every time you see them. Dark Realism is not for those who are faint at heart. The texture pack gives a feel of horror RPG games which is stunning because not a lot of texture packs these days can give you that feel.



Mythra is a professional in creating texture packs and it is the thing he loves doing. Maybe because of this they are able to capture the heart of fellow Minecrafters and keep them dedicated. Dark Realism texture pack is not an exception, it left me with hours of fun play on Halloween night. This texture pack must not be left without attention and is a must-try! Make sure to add it to your collection of amazing and beautiful Minecraft texture packs.

How to Install Dark Realism Texture Pack

To install Dark Realism texture pack, follow these steps:

  1. Download Dark Realism texture pack .zip/rar file
  2. Open Minecraft and click on the “texture pack” button
  3. Click open folder
  4. Copy the archived texture pack file into this folder and close it
  5. Select the texture pack in-game
  6. Enjoy!


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