[1.4.7/1.4.6] [16x] Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack Download

Nowadays, there are so many games, movies, and series that’s about zombies. Sometimes they make people think that a zombie apocalypse will actually break out in the near future. What if it really happens? What should we do? How should we prepare ourselves? If you believe that it will really happen someday, I would like to suggest you to practice survival through games. Mostly importantly, you will need to have a vivid picture of how the world will look after a zombie apocalypse, so this should really help.

The Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack is a texture pack that will turn the Minecraft world into the one that has been struck by a massive zombie wave. Everything that you will see will be very creepy and instill you fear. It’s a texture pack of 16×16 resolution, but good enough to make things look very realistic. You will be flinching so much as you see zombies approaching you. Just make sure your heart don’t drop during the gameplay.

Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.4.5 Main Features

  • The texture pack will add zombie apocalyptic feeling to the game of Minecraft.
  • Zombies with new textures will be added to the world of Minecraft.
  • The resolution of the texture pack is 16×16.

Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.4.5 Pros and Cons

For the horror-lovers, this is another one that will go into the list of favorites. With zombies and textures of the buildings, everything will suit perfectly to give a zombie apocalyptic feeling to the game. Things will look so much thrilling and exciting.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a texture pack meant to add horrorful and scary feeling to the game. It might not be as good for those who don’t really like horrors. However, it’s a nice texture pack to give a try.

Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.4.5 Changelog

  • The texture pack has been updated for Minecraft version 1.4.5.
  • Items have been changed.
  • Some of the mobs have been fixed.

Dead Pixel Maps Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Download the Texture Pack file.
  2. Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  3. Open the .minecraft folder.
  4. Move the downloaded zip file into the “texturepacks” folder.
  5. Enjoy!


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