Flow’s HD Texture Pack for 1.2.5

Smooth, beautiful, high quality… Flow’s HD Texture Pack by Fettgondel has it all! The minute I clicked on the forum thread my mind was completely blown away by the smoothness and complexity of each and every texture.

This is a 128×128 texture pack (so made for reasonably good PC’s) that takes the idea that minecraft doesn’t have to look gritty and 8-bit. It can look glossy, smooth and almost perfect. Every part of Flow’s HD works wt the world; whether you’re mining in a deep cavern or adventuring in a magnificent mountain range you will have 10 times as much fun because everything looks even better. Saying that, one of the best features of Flow’s HD is Home Design. Your home will look absolutely stunning. Any texture from the furnaces to the wood just seems to fit together nicely and look almost like the modern day.

Flow's HD Texture Pack

The GUI also look stunning. Your toolbar is so shiny and perfect with that touch of gold. You can really see the hours of work Fettgondel has put into this piece of artowork. He/she bases the textures from the real life but makes them much more perfect and glossy while still fitting with the vanilla minecraft experience.

I promise you that you will be blown away by Flow’s HD. I wish I could sit here for hours on end writing about each and everyone of the textures; about how perfect, orderly, shiny and over all stunning they are. In the meantime you’ll just have to take my work for it and look at some screenshots.

Amazing, amazing… just, amazing! I lvoe it so much and I absolutely know you guys will too! (If your computer can handle it that is).

How to Install Flow’s HD Texture Pack for 1.2.5

  1. Install either MCPatcher or Optifine.
  2. Download Flow’s HD.
  3. Place .Zip inside your texture packs folder.
  4. Enjoy seeing your world in full out perfect HD!



  1. Slow Download and did not work for me so sorry but 2/10 is my rating

    • Tienes razon ami me tardo 6 horas



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