[1.4.7/1.4.6] [16x] Redwood Texture Pack Download

Redwood is a texture pack up to date with the Minecraft 1.4.5 texture pack. The texture pack has been around since the Halloween update, the developer asks for constructive criticism to improve the texture pack.

RedWood Texture Pack


The texture pack is very close to the default Minecraft texture pack, it looks like the developer has updated the pack and changed things that he doesn’t like. Some of the texture packs have been cleaned up. All the textures are recognisable. The creator is constantly looking for feedback so he can improve the pack further.

Galahir950 has done a great job on the default texture pack, it makes the default texture look a lot cleaner. I like the fact all the textures are recognisable.

How to Install Redwood Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Check which version of Minecraft you are using
  2. Download RedWood Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.4.5
  3. Open .minecraft/texture packs
  4. Open the zip
  5. Drag the files into .minecraft/texture packs


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