Significance HD Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5

Hellooo my fellow MinecraftersSSSsssssSS!! Today I present to you a totally awesome and cool texture pack made by me! I made this in under a week using Photoshop CS6. I had a lot of fun making it too, I think that all of you will love this texture because it is soo detailed in its own minecrafty way ;) I worked quite hard on it so I hope you guys like it :) This texture is 64x so it is really HD and you can see the lines and everything xD I suggest that you guys install Optifine because it will make your Minecraft faster and also it has built in support for HD textures. So you dont have to hassle with MCPatcher :P The main aim of this texture is too make it more enjoyable to play Minecraft instead of always using the same old default texture, This is just different in a good way :) Here’s a photo of what it looks like, (Click on the photo it gets a lot bigger)

How to Install Significance Texture Pack x64 for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download Significance Texture Pack
  2. Download MC Patcher or install Optifine
  3. Open .minecraft/texture packs
  4. Drag the file over into /texture packs
  5. And your done!!! Now just launch Minecraft and select it from the Textures menu



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