[1.5] MultiMC 4.2 Download

Anyone who runs a lot of mods and finds themselves setting up separate .minecraft folders for their different mods should take a look at MultiMC. It’s a tool that can run multiple instances (.minecraft) of minecraft all easy accessible. It also makes it a breeze to install mods. The interface is very simple. You can click create a new interface, give it a name, and then it will install a .minecraft into the instances folder. You just double click the icon to launch the instance. You can also edit how much memory is allocated to the instance. Also, one of the main features is that you can install mods simply by opening the edit mods interface and dragging the .zip files into either the .jar section, the mods folder section or the resources section. If you still don’t know what I’m going on about here’s a nice spotlight by Direwolf20 that shows this tool in action:

How to Install MultiMC 4.2


  1. Download the Windows version.
  2. Put the .exe in a folder specifically for it.
  3. Run it and you should be good!


  1. Install Mono.
  2. Download the Mac version.
  3. Run it and enjoy! (No folder needed for Mac)


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