GOODBYE MINECRAFT “Microsoft buys Minecraft” Minecraft Gameplay

GOODBYE MINECRAFT “Microsoft buys Minecraft” Minecraft Gameplay ALL THAT IMPORTANT STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Twitter: *Subs…
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  1. GoodBye Minecraft 🙁 #Minecraft #Microsoft

  2. Minecraft 2 Only On Xbox One 

  3. Bye minecraft I love you

  4. Microsoft will force u to buy a a game u alrady own 5 times on ipad iphone
    pc xbox 360 if anny thing they should have a minecraft pass or sumthing 

  5. Loved the gameplay dude, like you said, minecraft is boring when you are on
    your own. Plus I don’t know what to expect from Microsoft, I’m scared lol.

  6. Under 10 club

  7. Microsoft will not ruin Minecraft, if you watch their attitude the last
    year you will know they LISTEN TO THE FANS. They did an amazing job with
    the Xbox One by updating the UI by implementing FAN Feedback and requests.

    They said they will listen to the fans of Minecraft and I fully trust them
    on this.

    Minecraft will be fine and they will NOT remove it from Playstation and
    will still support.

    What I think they will do:

    – Exclusive Xbox One features and content for Minecraft
    – New Mojang games will not come to Playstation because Microsoft owns
    Mojang now
    – Dedicated servers on Xbox One
    – They will not ruin the game with Microtransactions and tons of paid
    content, I think they will keep the game like it is and will only expand
    and improve the way the game is now without hurting the fans

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  9. What about Pc 



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