Minecraft: PS4 Edition Gameplay

Minecraft: PS4 Edition Gameplay

A few minutes of exploring snow-covered biomes on PlayStation 4. Follow Minecraft at GameSpot.com! http://www.gamespot.com/minecraft Official Site – http://w…


  1. Dang that render distance is low…

  2. Facts of why the PS4 is better than the Xbox One (Spread the word!):

    #1. Fact: PS4 has better specs. PS4 is a more powerful console.
    #2. PS4 can run almost all games at 1080p/60fps! Most games on xbox one run
    at 720p/30fps.
    #3. PS4 has sold 11 million consoles. Xbone has sold about 4 million TV
    watching consoles.
    #4. PS4 focuses on games. Xbone focuses on kinect, TV and indies.
    #5. PS4 cost $100 less than the Xbone for 8 months straight!
    #6. PS4 has had the option to buy the PS camera, unlike forcing kinect down
    your throats!
    #7. Everybody hates kinect. It is a complete failure just like the console!
    That’s why they forced you to buy it with the crap console for double the
    #8. Playstation pays $ to get exclusive and timed DLC for amazing games
    like Destiny and not like cod ghosts. Ghosts was one of the worst fails of
    all time for gaming.
    #9. You are guaranteed to find and have more friends on PS4 because of the
    strong sales numbers.
    #10. Xbone obviously doesn’t care about the resolution/frame rate of their
    games cause they both suck on most games. Fact: They even said to their own
    fans, “Try to spot the difference”. Have fun playing at 720p/30fps! PS4 IS
    #11. PS4 has Bloodborne. This game will be absolutely amazing and will beat
    everything xbox has in their crappy lineup.
    #12. Notice how I am not talking about TLOUR. Halo remake and TLOUR are
    remakes. People have already played both of them. But TLOU got GOTY so
    yeah, PS4 wins.
    #13. These are opinions (including #4 and #12 maybe): Sunset Overdrive
    looks like it’s for children and tries to copy the amazing infamous series
    in every way possible. Forza is the same crap that is getting old and is so
    overrated. PS4 has DRIVECLUB which will probably have the best graphics on
    PS4 when it releases and will be amazing. Halo remake is a remake and will
    just be a remake and nothing else. Xbone focuses on gay *ss dance central
    which only teenage girls like but they are too busy on anything but video

    I am doing this because I absolutely love playstation and hate xbox. I want
    to support playstation in any way possible and get people to know that the
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    not opinions except for maybe #4 and #12 which are still both true.

  3. Prefer to play on xbox 1

  4. I use to be obsessed with this game, until the fanbase turned into a bunch
    of 6 year olds, and making it on consoles is just insulting… It’s not
    meant for a controller, small worlds and less features, and Minecraft is
    all pixelated yet it’s STILL a graphical downgrade…

  5. I have never played this what is the objective and is it worth the hype?

  6. xbox 360 has better graphics thens this #XBOX MASTER RACE

  7. When is the ps4 disc version out?

  8. Idiots it doesnt matter what minecraft looks like ITS A FUCKEN PIXEL WORLD
    OF LAG

  9. Ps4 is better than xbox1 cos u get free online.

  10. Wow look how bad minecraft looks on ps4


  12. SO this is what kids on Xbox played exclusively on console? how pathetic.

  13. So this is how 1080 p 60fps look like….wow….
    Have fun ponies, while I play Forza… Lol !!!!

  14. 5:11 That’s the best house I have ever seen in my entire life I mean it’s
    freaking big and amazing.

  15. i wonder if the world is like pc where it never ends

  16. Imagine if it was like tetris when you remove a block all blocks sitting
    above move down.

  17. 5:11 You call that a house!?! Pfttt!

  18. lo ideal para jugar minecraft muy bien seria tenes una pc es muy bueno con
    pc es lo mas facil que hay aver like a este comentario si es cierto :)

  19. same game, nothing different, sticking to PC

  20. Jaw-dropping 1080p 60 FPS graphics!

  21. This game was shameful running on xbox glad its on PS now where it
    belongs.we surpass the sales on ps3 than it did on xbox360.so quit bragging
    like the game was made for xbox u guys are a joke.

  22. Why in the fuck do people waist there money on this sorry ass fucking game.
    Why do you guys like playing this sorry peace of shit game.

  23. Xbox 360 version looks better. PS4 version doesn’t have gloss texture.

  24. The music makes me want to commit suicide.

  25. How the hell is this next gen?..this is just crap. 



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