Voltz, S1E01: The Plane Crash


2ccee Minecraft gameplay default Voltz, S1E01: The Plane Crash

Season 1 of Voltz starts now in this series premier! Waking up in a mysterious plane crash, Ech has to find his way in the new foreign land in which he now finds himself. With only his wits, strength and will to survive … and some missiles. But what about these other’s who survived the crash? What roles will they play?! Enjoying this series? Be sure to hit “LIKE” to let us know! New to the NerdLife universe? Be sure to subscribe! -Voltz Series Participants- Nerd Life: www.youtube.com DysAlan: www.youtube.com Rooks Da Great: www.youtube.com DysChris: www.youtube.com ——-Links & Social—— Official Site: www.anerdlife.com Twitter www.twitter.com Contact: anerdlife @ gmail —-Credits & Licensing—- – Footage Recorded: Nerd Life ♪ Music & Sound: www.MACHINIMASOUND.com

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    December 6, 2014, 12:29 pm

    where can i download it?

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