Reverium – Mobarena/Factions/Parkour

Reverium – Mobarena/Factions/Parkour



Welcome To Reverium!

We are a new and expanding Minecraft faction server, we hope to create a community on the server as also on the website, we are also hoping to create a player base and from there expand into creating our own unique server type! But that is when we get players! So join get your friends to join and have a nice time!

For now we are a faction server:

Mobarena – We have added mobarena to allow you to fight monsters when bored, beat waves and become the biggest mob killer on the server /stats, you also get rewarded for each wave you beat!

PVP – As we know many people may get bored of mining resources therefore we have added a pvp map for people to enjoy fighting each other and becoming the strongest player on the server!

Factions – When creating a faction you must have 100$ in your account, go kill a few monsters and you will have that money, you can also earn it by doing jobs /jobs!

Griefing And Raiding – As we are a faction server we also want to allow people to grief and raid, therefore make the server more of a hard server to survive on on your own, where are you going to be when someone is raiding you?

Parkour – Awesome at parkour? We also have the ability for you to play around finishing parkours and getting rewards /warp Parkour!

Thanks Much!


  1. adriana
    June 26, 2015, 9:06 pm

    how do i join

  2. jasiolek8533
    December 6, 2016, 2:34 pm

    elo elo

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