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UnicraftMC Server



Hello guys, recently a new server called Unicraft has opened. As of now, there are gamemodes like Creative, Factions, and even a hub world! We are even releasing KitPVP soon, perfect for the players who enjoy pvp. We are in need of GREAT builders, although we have a lot of mods/admins right now, so don’t worry about applying for those positions. This server is a great community, with some super nice players. We plan to for some people to donate to help out the server! There will be many advantages to donating, including awesome perks! Here is the link to the forums in which you can find the threat with the staff application: 


Once you join the server, make sure you read the rules! Here is the IP: mc.unicraftmc.com

Staff/builders get a variety of perks, ranging from hub gadgets, more Creative plots, and much more! We have a great Skype staff chatting system as well which is great for communication. We plan to release A LOT more gamemodes in the future, like factions, drugcraft, capture the flag, and much more! We definitely need help, so feel free to apply on the website!

If you’d like to contact the staff members right away, feel free to visit the server! The IP is: mc.unicraftmc.com

Thanks for reading this guys!

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