Simulated Nights Mod is specifically coded to work with Morpheus. It may or may not work with other mods that alter sleep. Simulates the passage of time when sleeping through the night by ticking tile entities and randomly ticking blocks pr...[Read More]

Purely Colors Mod 16 colored blocks that when given a redstone signal light up, the rainbow block also has this same function. If you don’t like that you can disable it in the config of the mod. This mod also added an Ender Pearl that goes ...[Read More]

Makers Party is a virtual board game. Gather stars by winning minigames. The first player to collect 30 stars wins! At the beginning, you have to choose character. Select one of the celebrities of Mojang like Notch or Jeb and start the game...[Read More]

This command adds 10 giant mobs to your Minecraft world: Giant Pig Giant Cow Giant Creeper Giant Wolf Giant Chicken Giant Slime Giant Magma Cube Giant Zombie Giant Enderman Giant Sheep To get these giant mobs, throw an emerald and a diamond...[Read More]

Welcome to the Adventure Map, Holiday Quest: St. Patrick’s Day! We hope you’re feeling lucky with this Two-Player Adventure RPG. Filled with Puzzles, Quests, and Battles as you travel all of the land to Save St. Patrick’s Day! Visit various...[Read More]

Welcome to Super Wipeout! This map is based off the TV show “Wipeout” in which you have to make it past obstacles to win. In this map you also have to get through all of the obstacles, which are redstone and command block controlled. This m...[Read More]

Sound Physics Mod is a mod that overhauls Minecraft’s sound engine to simulate reverberation, sound occlusion/absorption, and physically based sound attenuation. The sound simulation provides interesting aural cues; you’ll be able to tell w...[Read More]

This map is also available on Realms since the September, 16st 2016 In Makers Wars, you need to eliminate the opponent teams. You can kill your enemies by pushing them into the void, by burning them with lava buckets, by spawning mobs which...[Read More]

This is a survival map where the player tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ridden with natural disasters. Player must find a way to save their vault by completing quests! This map features cities, towns, villages, a ...[Read More]

This is a space simulator adventure map, and you’re going to be send to mars to fight aliens ;). I won’t give you more info, as it’ll spoil it. This map uses a custom resource pack, it should load automatically. The length of the map is abo...[Read More]

Welcome to the longest and hardest parkour / obby map in the universe of Minecraft. Containing over 2000 total jumps and some minor puzzles, wrapped up in a total of 325 different stages and checkpoints! This map will definitely make you su...[Read More]

Welcome to the Map of Shulker Box Parkour! How can you use Shulker Boxes in Parkour? You may be wondering… though it’s in more ways then one as you’ll find out. While this map as a lot to offer! a wide range of co-op parkour challenges, two...[Read More]

Climb walls, bounce on walls and grab walls. This map is not just a simple parkour map, but an ADVANCED one, with new and more realistic, hardcore, James Bond kinda mechanics. The difficulty of the parkour is different from each of the 6 le...[Read More]

When you wake up on Christmas night, Santa is missing and his hat is lying on your living room floor. Join a cast of animated and voiced characters on a journey to save Santa, journeying across time and space, discovering the origins of San...[Read More]

You wake up a few days before Christmas and Santa announces that Christmas Preparation is behind schedule. Will you be able to help around, repair the magic toy generator, and fix the sleigh’s engine? Or will this Christmas be Chaos? Rules:...[Read More]

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