OMfG guys, I just went into a short period of extreme shock and excitement. Have you already heard about this iMod 1.3 Tool? If you haven’t you will want to read this. The iMod 1.3 Tool  is a tool which you can download, only for OS X...[Read More]

Now if anyone knows what a “goblin” is you will have an idea what this mod had in it since its called the “goblin!” mod . Goblins are greeny meany creatures which will chock you to death everytime they spot you, but ...[Read More]

Gangsters around your neighborhood is a real problem. But gangsters in your minecraft world isn’t. They will make your world look cool and not cause any harm! You’ll see these gangsters walking around but they will never hurt yo...[Read More]

You kill a creeper, adventure through a forest, killed a dragon, and was rewarded with a treasure chess… is it boring? not quite but dragons and creepers “sounds” hard to kill but technically it doesn’t. This mods re...[Read More]

How about adding more adventures to your minecraft world? The Gobline Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4 will definitely make it more interesting and exciting! It is a single-player mod with goblins and their villages added to the world. These goblins...[Read More]

Hello fellow Minecrafters, Today I will be presenting to you a new Minecraf texture pack! The name is “Aviencraft”. It is not very popular, but somehow, it is a highly decorated, nice texture pack. The theme is all about medieva...[Read More]

This texture pack is available in 3 higher definition texture packs, 64 by 64, 128 by 128 and 256 by 256. All the definitions of the texture packs are up to date with Minecraft 1.2.5 the full and official release KDS photorealism texture pa...[Read More]

Hi all! I’m certain that most of you have seen plenty of texture packs with the name “Doku”. Well, congrats! Here’s another one of them just to add to the Doku collection. It’s called the TyDoku texture pack by...[Read More]

Xaiwaker Texture Pack is the first Texture Pack up to date with Minecraft 1.2.5. It is available in a few definitions including default. The developer of Xaiwaker Texture Pack has kept the pack up to date by updating for it to be compatible...[Read More]

Hellloooo Minecrafters. It is now very exciting as time moves toward the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one! Christmas is nearly here so now I think everyone would be looking forward to having a good time, a good party, and ...[Read More]

Gerudoku texture pack is a normal texture pack that is the same like others but with more animations and skins added. Remember “quality is quantity”? this mod had “lots” and “lots” of new things for minec...[Read More]

The CraftGuide Mod is something I wish was added to the game, or something I wish I had when I first started playing Minecraft. I make videos of Minecraft and in my early lets play videos I was constantly tabbing out to the wiki to find a c...[Read More]

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