The fight to freedom has always been a battle that many great leaders of past and present have fought for, successfully in some cases, while not so greatly in some. It is their inspiration which has caused many people to follow in their foo...[Read More]

When playing minecraft, I’m sure we’ll all realize that “diamonds” are a huge chunk of the game. Its everyone’s first goal, first major achievement. Diamond gives you useful tools that last a long time. Diamonds is the perfect mineral, but ...[Read More]

Minecraft Server Manager is a small tool helping you to setup, edit and manage your Minecraft server! It provides an easy understanding and simple interface and a CommandManager for running server. This little tool makes it as simple as pos...[Read More]

It was created as a result of how useful Risugami’s RecipeBook is, but how quickly it became a hassle to navigate once you have a hundred pages at the time. RecipeBook has improved greatly since then, though. (In my opinion, the single grea...[Read More]

Minecraft is all about creating your own world. But, first, to create anything you will have to dig down and get enough raw materials. However, digging and mining takes time and one will get bored easily. Here is where the Minecraft Minions...[Read More]

Minecraft is a fun and entertaining game but over time you can get bored. Le Parkour mod changes this! Now you can become the “Ezio Auditore” of Minecraft. Your whole game experience changes. Now you can climb walls, cling onto edges, wall-...[Read More]

It’s here! The Awesome Gold texture pack has been finally updated and improved. New elements were added which changed the overall look of the beautiful texture pack. Awesome Gold texture pack brings the visual elements of real life into the...[Read More]

In minecraft… you should at least went to the nether once right? yes, most people says its hell, however this mod will make hell worse! The Nether+ Mod upgrades the nether to a much more scary place… well not exactly scary I should use more...[Read More]

Have you ever watched cartoon called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic before? If yes you must read this because this mod will change you model and texture look into Pony Styles. But if you play online you are the only one who can see the ...[Read More]

The Kenshiro Mod is for real men only, and massively decreases your hunger and decreases your stamina. Kenshiro Mod gives you the ability to be Kenshiro. This mod only works when you have nothing in your hands and have no plate chests on. T...[Read More]

Don’t you guys think that there isn’t enough Animals, or let’s say Creatures in Minecraft? I mean I’m really getting bored of them. There those animals that you can hunt, well three of them, and a few that you have to run away from (that’s ...[Read More]

This mod actually suits the style of people who loves doing lots of things and for beginners who wants to try “macro’s”. This mods modifies the minecraft game and enables you to bind any keyboard key to a command or a script function (sprin...[Read More]

Retro Fences converts the new fences back to the way they functioned in Minecraft 1.0. Many players designed their structures and buildings using the old fencing model. When the new fences came out, they all attached to adjacent blocks. Thi...[Read More]

Minecraft is cool because you can build anything you like and want in it. But don’t you just hate it when anything stops or makes it difficult for you to do so? I know most of you guys should have thought of building some skyscrapers in you...[Read More]

The Battle Towers Mod randomly spawns towers through out your world which you can fight and over come to gain rewards. The towers that spawn randomly in your new world has 8 levels which you need to defeat and over come and then a boss leve...[Read More]

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