UniqueImpact’s Obstacle Course 4 Map is the 4th instalment in my awesome Obstacle Course series. The basic premise of the map is to jump, climb, bounce, run and dive though 50 diverse and interesting obstacles in a race against the clock! F...[Read More]

Play through a 7-hole golf course with 2 different types of golf clubs, and a golf cart to ride around in. Get ready to smash and drive your way through 7 holes of doom on Extreme Golf map. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go...[Read More]

Quick-wits and memory are the key to winning this game! Pixelate map is all about memory! Paintings that are 8×6 in dimension will be shown with 20 seconds to digest them! Then you have 60 seconds to rebuild exactly what you saw! Points are...[Read More]

20³ Minigame map was built for Sqrtdude’s 20x20x20 map challenge. You are trapped in a cube and have to defeat a boss to get out of it. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the “...[Read More]

In Mr. Parkour 2 map there will be special blocks effects like “jump boost” and “speed”. You can access to the “level editor” where you can create your own parkour. There are secrets in my map, chest with paper inside of them? find them all...[Read More]

There have been eight portals scattered across eight lands? And in each land, there lies eight special emeralds. You must retrieve each, but be careful, it’s more than likely there’s at least eight threats? Find all emerealds and unlock new...[Read More]

Negentropy Map is a Singleplayer Puzzle Map with 48 Challenging Levels. There are 4 different types of moving objects, every one behaving differently. Your goal in each Level is to place all of the pieces in your inventory down without them...[Read More]

Welcome to find the wooden button map. A find the button map like no other, this one takes you on an amazing adventure filled with love, loss, and the end of the world. None of that is true. But it is a great map. All you have to do is go t...[Read More]

You have one job… wait no, you have TEN jobs. One involves making sure these guys stay alive and well. Are you up for it? No? Then MOVE ON! There are 10 levels in which you must use your brain as an experienced Minecraft player. In each lev...[Read More]

Bubble Trouble map is a popular flash game that has been ported to Minecraft. The goal of this minigame is to pop all the balls in a level. Small balls will just vanish if you hit them, but bigger ones will actually split, making the game q...[Read More]

Elevation Acceleration 2 Map?is a really interesting map based on puzzle maps. First of all, as you can read the name it is easily noticed that it’s the sequel based on the original one. Basically, most of the game play style and the conten...[Read More]

You must work in the restaurant all night, but the visit of Ronald McDonald and other characters try to catch you in the restaurant, for this you must run and hide on your own or together with another player to endure the hellish trial McDo...[Read More]

Don’t Take Damage VS is a map where you have to avoid taking damage but against your friends. There are 7 different levels that have been taking from all three don’t take damage maps. Let’s Plays: How to install: Download the map. Extract f...[Read More]

The Void Map is a space-designed adventure map where you play as an astronaut after a bad disaster. You play in the future, in the year 2078. Discover space stations, other space typical things and also the bad things which can happen in sp...[Read More]

Sad Panda Adventures Map involves riding different types of pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests you see to obtain loot. Get your bow ready for this one. Features: Length: 30-60 minutes Difficulty...[Read More]

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