[1.10] Close Call 2: A Peaceful Adventure Map Download

Storyline: Your air balloon crashed into the building site. You managed to escape safely. Now you need help so you followed the parkour course? A fun, easy and relaxing parkour map with 11 stages of pure enjoyment. This is a sequel to my ‘C...[Read More]

[1.8] The Easiest Adventure Map Download

The local Witch has broken into your home and stolen your precious item, so you must face the Witch’s challenges to get it back! Can you survive these deathly challenges, or will you escape? With The Easiest Adventure Map, you’l definitely ...[Read More]

[1.9] Time Smash Adventure Map Download

You are the only hope in this adventure through time. Travel through four distinct levels to ultimately face off with the Evil Lord Drolemit in a battle for the ages. Time Smash Adventure map features amazing and unforgettable builds and ho...[Read More]

[1.9] Limbo Adventure Map Download

Limbo map is a unique adventure/parkour based on the eponym video game. Run and jump in this platform map, through a unique 2D world in a dark and mysterious universe? But be careful! This strange environment full of traps will try to slow ...[Read More]

[1.8/1.8.9] Five Nights at Freddy’s Adventure Map Download

One night you went to the club and drank too much lava. Everyone knows it isn’t good for your health. This made you dissolve momentarily but when you eventually wake up everything has changed. Your main goal is to get back to Freddy’s while...[Read More]

[1.8] Come Find Me Adventure Map Download

There is only one rule: Come Find Me. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the “saves” folder does not exist you can create one. Drag extracted map folder into that. Start minecr...[Read More]

[1.8] Core Adventure Map Download

Core Map is a combination of puzzle and adventure. This map is self-repairing, so you can replay it as many times as you wish. There are multiple endings (a “bad” one and a “good” one), so when you finish it replay it to see the other possi...[Read More]

[1.7.10] Unbreakable Adventure Map Download

When tasked with stealing the king’s enderpearl, you find breaking into the castle a lot harder than it looks. With a challenging task and a hidden secret, this map with push you to your breaking point. This map is Unbreakable, are you? Res...[Read More]

[1.7.10] Space Purge Adventure Map Download

Located in the void of space, your adventure awaits. A massive space station is abandoned for no apparent reason. You command the expedition that will investigate. What will you find? Do you have the wits and the strength that it will take ...[Read More]

[1.8] The Redstone Bug Adventure Map Download

When you break the redstone in a brand new adventure map, you’re gonna need to fix it. Fight, jump, and think your way through many areas of redstone, in order to put the map back together. But be careful! The narrator seems to be hiding so...[Read More]

[1.8] Eronev Mansion Adventure Map Download

Introduction: After your adventure in the wild, you return to your home town of Eronev. From the beginning though, something seems wrong. There is a meeting being held at the town hall due to the villagers going missing. Can you help them? ...[Read More]

[1.7.10] The Infinite Adventure Mod Download

This mod adds more generated structures, mobs, weapons, blocks, and much more! This mod also adds in a new dungeon guarded by Herobrine! How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecra...[Read More]

[1.8] Lunapark Adventure Map Download

Lunapark Adventure is a nostalgic but very adventure and funny theme park! BIGGEST THEME PARK IN MINECRAFT How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the ?saves? folder does not exist ...[Read More]

Tomb Raider IV Adventure Map Download

Let’s play Tomb Raider IV in Minecraft. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the ?saves? folder does not exist you can create one. Drag map folder into it. Start minecraft. Enjoy...[Read More]

[1.7.10] Adventure Time Mod Download

What Adventure Time Mod does? Adventure Time Mod adds characters from the ‘Adventure Time’ cartoon series and some items.There are Finn,Jake,The Ice King,Gunter The Penguin,BMO and Marceline, and Finn’s Sword and Marceline’s Axe Adventure T...[Read More]

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