My Creative Tools Mod adds new powerful editing tools to build things quickly in creative mode. Features: Ctrl c Ctrl v Tool: Left click on a block to copy it to your clipboard, Right click to paste that block wherever you want. Copy Pasta ...[Read More]

Wheres the flipping button 2 is out now!!!!! Will you give up or download it to test your brain Again? Rules: Stay in Adventure Peaceful Render distance 14 below………. Something wrong? Report it to my E-mail Do not cheat Do not change gamemod...[Read More]

This is a quick map with a mix of easy and difficult levels. The goal is to find the button in 10 different stages. Each stage has a different theme ranging from rustic houses and castles to minions and youtube! You you get to enjoy the bui...[Read More]

Hello everyone, and now finally I finished work on the second part of the map “where the button”. You are waiting for many interesting levels at the end will be a bonus. Play and have fun on this map Levels: There are 8 themed levels in thi...[Read More]

Twelve levels all with unique themes. There is only one true button in each level. Find it to progress to the next level. Be careful for fake buttons that will kill you. Find the hidden Easter egg to unlock a bonus level. Are you a button m...[Read More]

This is a short but fun map with talking voices so you don’t have to read the chat even though there is still chat. This map is not too long but it has a cool story and adventure. Tested and built by dj disco and also tested by criss crosse...[Read More]

In this map you must find 6 buttons. In all levels is a hint button as well, except on level 6. Map was tested. Tester HonaxingCZ. 1 player only. Lots of finding. 6 levels. Map was tested. P.S. The button in level 6 is very hard.

So, this is my first puzzle/adventure map, and I decided to make it really professional this time. I hope it’s a good one, I spent a LOT of hours thinking and building, but here it is! Make sure you read all the rules before starting, other...[Read More]

Welcome to “Find The Button: Save Valentine’s Day”! In this map, there are 11 levels in which you have to find the button. Cupid has lost his bow and he needs your help to collect parts for a new one, but you have to be fast, if you dont fi...[Read More]

This is a sequel to Find the Button: The EXTREME my other map! It is a challenging, series of find the button maps that challenge you physically and mentally. This is just the second map of the series with more coming! To be specific, it co...[Read More]

Find the Button Small Rooms map only has small rooms that will be easy for most people. You may spawn a little outside of the starting area. Just fly to it and push the button and the map should start.

In this map your task is to make it through 12 themed levels of pure savagery – alive. The rules are simple: find the button and the diamond/s in each level and don’t break any blocks or change the gamemode. This map should be played in Adv...[Read More]

Find the Button: Unexpected 4 – Attack of The Netherwarts – is the 4th and most likely final map in the Find the Button: Unexpected series. After much more work than any of the other maps. There are only 6 levels, but they should be even ha...[Read More]

In this map you must find the button in rooms that look like the Minecraft faces of famous YouTuber’s.

All levels are possible, just very difficult. Features: 10 Levels. Custom titles for each level. Only 3 hints to help you through the whole game. A walkthrough guide. Crazy levels with crazy mechanics.

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