Clash Of Clans mod adds 7 mobs in the game that are from Clash of Clans to Minecraft. Characters Added: Barbarian: This is the Barbarian Archer: This is the Archer Giant: The Giant is a beast Golem: The golem and all his glory Goblin: Mr St...[Read More]

Welcome to the NEW Clash of Clans Resource Pack, which now merges two of our favorite games, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale! Hello everybody and take a look at the NEW Clash Pack! It hadn’t been updated in a while, so I decided to add a LO...[Read More]

In this mod you will find troops and defenses that you see in the ios game Clash of Clans! These troops and defenses are coded just like the real game to attack certain buildings! You also can build your own villages & structures & ...[Read More]

How to Install Clash of Mines Resource Pack for Minecraft Make sure your  Minecraft is updated to 1.6 or higher Download the resource pack and put it somewhere easily accessible (Desktop) Open up your .minecraft from Run > %appdata% >...[Read More]

This is an PVP/Survival map Rules and Goals: Play this on a Server with 2+ Players. Do not use cheats. (like Xray, TooManyItems, etc.) Do not visit the Nether/End (nothing there). Don’t destroy the book You are allowed to break the cubes IN...[Read More]

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