Say hello to The Classy Game 3! With 2 teams 9 classes each! You will be fighting in a farm that hides secrets! But you need to use your wits to defeat your enemies. I am pretty sure you will have lots of fun in this rural themed PVP map! W...[Read More]

Fight with your friends in this PVP map! You will be fighting in a city! With classes related to it, if you have not seen The Classy Game, then I recommend you to try it first! But it’s okay if you don’t want to. All in all there are _ clas...[Read More]

Fight your friends in a PVP map with 10 classes with 5 lives each! And the best part? You get to use ALL the classes! That’s right! All! All of the classes has it’s own good thing and bad thing. For example, the **** class has the ****** **...[Read More]

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