This map is a sequel to Color Swap Parkour, however you do not need to have played it in order to understand this map. In Color Swapper map, you will be swapping between red and yellow rooms to solve puzzles and complete levels. Simply thro...[Read More]

Color Code is a puzzle map. In it you will need to complete a different color schemes to win each level. If you play the map on a server, make sure command blocks are enabled on the server. If you are color blind, you can’t play this map be...[Read More]

This is the Color Mod with loads of amazing armor sets, magical and powerful tools and much more! There are tiers of tools and armor that range from just above iron to god-like weapons and armor. The tiers are: Red->Orange->Yellow->...[Read More]

What is Color Blind – Simulating Vanilla Shaders Pack? This pack was created as a way of educating resource pack artists about color blindness, and the effects that their color choices have on a particular section of the human population. W...[Read More]

Color Cube is a new Minigame created by Musclecraft Team. It is meant to be played on Minecraft Snapshot 14w25b or greater. There are four unique POWERUPS that add interesting dynamics to the game. Run over the pile of sparkles that barks t...[Read More]

Features: Around 40 different colors! Blast resistant blocks(as obsidian), no more griefers/creepers destroying your art! Takes close to no time to destroy them in survival mode! Clean colors, no more weird textures on your pixel art! They ...[Read More]

At the beginning,everything is white. But by throwing bottles of experince, you can color the world! Visit the original map thread here for all info. Map Cinematic: How to install: Download the map Extract file Go to %appdata% Go to .minecr...[Read More]

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