Oscilight: The Dark Extension is the fourth map in my custom puzzle map series. However, playing the previous maps is not necessary. You simply need to understand the basic mechanics, which will be outlined below. This map takes place in th...[Read More]

Vanilla Builders Extension Mod currently adds stairs, slabs, walls, fences and gates for 60 of Minecraft’s blocks that previously did not have them. Want Polished Andesite stairs? Check. Or Hay slabs and stairs for your roof? Check. Require...[Read More]

Would you like to go back to your childhood? With Board Game Extension, everything is in your hand. This mod provides you with blocks to recreate your favorite board games in Minecraft and play them. You will have a lot of choices to create...[Read More]

This mod is thought for those who feel the present actionbar (hotbar) is quite limited. It’s an inventory gui mod. It extends the hotbar actionbar functionality, making in fact the bar & inventory size bigger adding more slots (virtual)...[Read More]

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