Mad Mobs Mod adds more than 20 new mobs and two new biomes to Minecraft. This mod adds mobs such as Herobrine, Thediamondminecart, Suicide Mobs, Evolved mobs, spaceman, and evil crazy mobs. Features: Evil Dude Evil Sorcerer MEGA Evil Dude E...[Read More]

Features: Obviously, a boss fight Not pixel art 4 Phases Passive Effects Special Attacks A bit of a puzzle mechanic 16 separate difficulty combinations Automatically resets How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go...[Read More]

You have to shoot his spikes, while dodging attacks that he deploys on you! Shoot all Spikes 5 times, and you win! But if you die 3 times, he will destroy the city! Can you save the citizens? How to install: Download the map. Extract file. ...[Read More]

Features: Eye Tracking Facial expressions Health bar and counter Exploding targets Killer Elves Warp portals Funneh Santa dialogue Use your bow to hit the wooden buttons on the lamps to score a hit.   Santa has 32 HP, you have 3 lives. Watc...[Read More]

First boss fight of our boss series: the Blaze. Gameplay: The Blaze has 3 phases with several mechanics. Warning: This boss is extremely hard but possible. For phase 1, you will hear a sound before arrows goes off; simply step on the pressu...[Read More]

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