Raise the Flag 3: Puzzle Run is a multiplayer minigame for 2-8 players! The aim of this map is to complete the various challenges before the other teams manage to do so and place your flag on the top of the flagpole in the centre. Map Trail...[Read More]

About Under The Black Flag Pack A Pack based on Ubisoft’s video game, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag BeaversLikeWood Presents Notice: MCPatcher is recommended for the full visual experience. How to Install Under The Black Flag Resource Pac...[Read More]

This is a fun multiplayer minigame for 2-16 players. 4 teams race across 7 biomes filled with traps, mobs and loot to be the first to place their flag on top of the flagpole at the centre of the the map. There are more instructions on how t...[Read More]

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