This is a vanilla mob creation. It adds birds that randomly spawn around players that come in red or brown variants as well as baby and adult. They can fly, walk around, be fed, grow into adults, make nests, and drop items that can be used ...[Read More]

Awesome Flying Steampunk Island build made by Fischsuppe. Hope you enjoy How to install Theceran Map: Download the map Go to %appdata% Go to .minecraft Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves Drag map folder into it Sta...[Read More]

It’s a pretty simple mod. This Mod taken the basic idea of Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale from Equivalent Exchange 2 and have made it run off of hunger, along with some aesthetic changes, and the fact that it can be anywhere in your inventory, no...[Read More]

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