Teleport your with a single click to many portal gates placed all over the worlds (overworld, nether, ender, and many more ? but not between worlds) by a right-click activation from the Portal Amulet. Features: Teleportation by waypoints po...[Read More]

Elder Scrolly typical, your adventure begins in a prison. But the guards let you out to help against enemies who are attacking the village. After that you find out about the Daedra-Enderman Hybrid Elijah who tries to release the Daedric-Lor...[Read More]

This is medieval map made by That old kid in 4 months Welcome to the gates of immortal The city Walls of immortal The pillars Over 700 blocks long Coords are x -1408 y 4 z 1309

Features: User-friendly interface, Naming portals for quick referance, Great for traveling large distances, Consumes Redstone from inventory for each use of Amulet (by config file). Installation: Install the latest Minecraft Forge version D...[Read More]

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