No Words Horror map contains jumpscares. This means you can expect an exciting and sad story, a dark atmosphere, jumpscares and lovingly furnished environment. Turn off your lights and put yourself in the situation of a man with thousand pr...[Read More]

The House is a horror map with jump scares. A classical music from a forgotten memory. You woke up, in your house and it’s time to go work? But how you understand if the dream is really finished? Your house will be a labyrint of memories, h...[Read More]

“Lights Out” is an original 2015 Halloween Map. You play as a young girl who decided to stay home during winter holidays. You heard something break and woke up, discovering that the electricity is out. Now all you can do is try to turn the ...[Read More]

Your name is Jack. You just return after a day of work. You feal weak. You feel like someone is watching you. You’re afraid. Wandering is an horror map where you play as Jack, a thirty years old man. Your adventure begins after returning fr...[Read More]

Story: You’re name is Jim, you are a patient in a mental asylum and you have been there since you were 9. You send out requests to therapists for help, but only one replies. Will he be able to resolve what happened over 20 years ago or will...[Read More]

You’ve lived in an ordinary Minecraft world for a week or two and decide to go mining. Your usual mining spot is unaccessible so you find a new place with plenty of ores. While mining you discover a abandoned mineshaft and search it through...[Read More]

This minecraft mod has a mob called Pacman going around endlessly trying to destroy everything in its path! Pacman has a ton of custom AI and a lot of future planned AI! His main purpose is to be apart of Crazy Craft 3.0 however we wanted t...[Read More]

Welcome to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria! Where family, fun, and safety above all, come first. You’ll be reliving the experience of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 through the blockiness of Minecraft. This map contains sudden ima...[Read More]

This is a map based on the popular horror game called ‘Never-ending Staircase’. It utilizes the new command block/resource pack features in 1.6.2 in order to create a spectral ambiance and scary experience. It contains jump scares, backgrou...[Read More]

Gameplay: The first thing you need to do is save yourself by sleeping in the bedroom. Get some weapons and press start. Defeat the monsters. When the lights go out, you need to start the generator in the shed, simply spam the button and it ...[Read More]

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