Living Fish Mod adds the Minecraft fish as living entities to catch and breed. Recipes and Function: Fishingrod: Aquarium: You can fill the empty aquarium with a bucket of water. Also you can drain it again with an empty bucket. Attention! ...[Read More]

This mod adds in 6 new items and 6 new entities: Clay Steve Doll – item that can be crafted and on right click you will spawn steve doll, he can equip all sorts of armor and weapons Steve Doll – has 5 health, 1-3damage, attacks hostile and ...[Read More]

This mod is all about making Minecraft come alive (quite literally) in order to add a bit more fun but still functionality to the game. It adds a number of so called “Living” blocks and a few others that are very unique to this mod. All of ...[Read More]

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