Do you have what it takes to master your mind? Solve 6 different types of puzzles based on Emotions, Memory, Imagination, Perspective, Coordination, and Logic in order to reach the control center of your brain and Master the Mind! This map ...[Read More]

Are you ready for an original, hard and exciting puzzle map? Let’s put your mind to the test! In this map you will face many puzzles and challenges and even a boss fight! So after 4 months of building I finally finished this amazing map! It...[Read More]

In Unlock your Mind, the sequel to Thinking is Key Map, use various keys to open doors, airlock, and jump pads a large maze. Many difficult puzzles await. You must find your way to the final room and use all the keys you’ve got to exit the ...[Read More]

This time as you can see it is starring the ?PeteZahMob? as it was highly requested.The PeteZahMob is a obviously a slime,so as you can imagine 60% of the stages in this map involve slime block parkour ? usually jumping from 200+ blocks in ...[Read More]

This is an escape, adventure, challenge, puzzle, parkour map for Minecraft 1.7.5. Features: Checkpoints Variable Weather Variable Gamemodes Custom Game Settings How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %...[Read More]

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