Open Terrain Generator Mod is an advanced world generator which allows you to generate any world you like without any knowledge of Java. OTG is a fork of Terrain Control that solves the instability and basic mod compatibility issues of Terr...[Read More]

Open Terrain Generator Skylands Mod adds skylands world preset for Open Terrain Generator with interconnected floating islands and void below. Floating islands terrain is very intensive to generate and can cause lag when initialising a worl...[Read More]

Open Terrain Generator Flatlands Mod is a superflat world preset for Open Terrain Generator with many different biomes and super sized villages. Requires: Minecraft Forge Open Terrain Generator Mod How to install: Make sure you have already...[Read More]

Open Glider Mod adds a hang glider to Minecraft, allowing you to soar through the skies and explore your world’s beauty. Notable Features A fluid flight motion and naturally immersive controls. A novel system of wind that you must combat to...[Read More]

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