[1.10.2] Freestyle Parkour Map Download

Say goodbye to hard and unfair parkour maps and say hello to pure and good fun! Welcome to Freestyle Parkour, the most relaxing parkour map you might ever find!* Freestyle Parkour boasts thirty fun and moderately easy levels that are guaran...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Potion Parkour Map Download

Potion parkour is a parkour map with 20 levels including ones with levitation, timed parkour, and slime blocks! Features: Speed, Jump Boost, Nausea, Poison, Blindness, Kill, and Spawnpoint blocks 20 Levels 2 Easter Eggs A tutorial explainin...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Uniquely Parkour 2 Map Download

Welcome to the all new sequel to the popular Uniquely Parkour! With 25 new handcrafted levels, Uniquely Parkour 2 is bound to have something you haven’t tried! Remember, blue clay will give you a speed boost, green clay will make you jump h...[Read More]

Outpost Parkour Map Download

A difficult parkour map, consisting of over 68,000 hand placed blocks! Based on the CoD MW3 map, OUTPOST and specially made for the King of Parkour, PrestonPlayz! Play time is apx. 25 min. and be sure to read the instructions at the beginni...[Read More]

[1.10.2] MVP Parkour Map Download

Would you want to play the hardest parkour? Well, here it is! This parkour includes 21 stages, including 2 mid boss stages and 1 final boss stage. There are many blocks, obstacles, and adversities. Features: 1. Long and a lot of stages. (th...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Parkour Valley Map Download

Unique style of a parkour map with insane attention to details! Parkour is basically built around you. Wherever you look you’ll see parkour. It’s a unique and fun concept that you’ll probably love. Useful Information: Parkour is medium diff...[Read More]

[1.10.2] Upside Down Parkour Map Download

This is a map about jumping with different gravity than in normal Minecraft! It includes 5 Levels + 3 Bonus-Levels and also a gallery. You ask what the gallery is used for? Actually, it is used to teach you how the different Effect-Blocks w...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Uniquely Parkour Map Download

Welcome to Uniquely Parkour! Each level is unique, and has it’s own type of parkour to complete! Want a speed boost? Stand on blue clay! Want to jump higher? Step on green clay! Purple glass will teleport you up, and beware: Coarse dirt wil...[Read More]

10 Minute Parkour 2.0 Map Download

In the race against the clock, see how many levels you and your friends can finish in 10 Minutes. Created by FantomLX, iWacky, and Tiliba. This map is also available on Minecraft Realms! Features: Includes custom block effects 10 Minute Mod...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Raged Memory Parkour Map Download

Raged Memory Parkour is a parkour map with a special twist. As stated in the name, you must memorize where to jump. Each level gets progressively harder with more to memorize and more difficult jumps. Jumps reach max level of level 6-7 diff...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Parkour Paradise 3 Map Download

Parkour Paradise is back one final time! In Parkour Paradise 3 there are 100 new and fun levels to beat! Features: 100 levels to beat! Increasing difficulty. Dropper levels. Rising water/lava levels. A level indicator so you can see at whic...[Read More]

[1.11] The Longest Parkour Map Download

Welcome to the longest and hardest parkour / obby map in the universe of Minecraft. Containing over 2000 total jumps and some minor puzzles, wrapped up in a total of 325 different stages and checkpoints! This map will definitely make you su...[Read More]

[1.9] Moving Blocks Parkour 2 Map Download

This is a sequel to Moving Blocks Parkour, this time with even more unique levels and effects. Challenge yourself and try to complete 15 different levels with cool mechanics such as double/triple jumps and levitation obstacle course. Find o...[Read More]

[1.10] 2D Parkour Map Download

Tired of playing the old-fashion Minecraft parkour maps? Well, why not try the game in 2 dimensions. This map brings Minecraft to a whole new level of fun and excitement. This multiplayer compatible parkour map isn’t like any other map. Use...[Read More]

[1.10] The Dome Parkour Map Download

The aim is to unlock the levels of parkour by finding/crafting the required item needed, from The Dome. There are 10 levels altogether and they increase in difficulty, ranging from dirt to enchanting table. There are a few secrets in the do...[Read More]

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