TTM: Puzzle Miner is a high-skill tile-matching puzzle game made in Minecraft. It is build to feel satisfying and thus encourages risky play for high-scores by including a Score Multiplier, a Combo-system and an unrestrictive Chain-system t...[Read More]

Welcome to Puzzle Map “What?”? There are thirteen levels in total. Your Mission for each Levels – any way to get to the next Level: Kill Animals, Place Blocks, Break Repeaters, Find the Buttons and more?

You are a thief. Use your brain to enter to the house. Find the button and press it, then you will win. In Thief Puzzle map there are three levels, three houses. Use everything! Try everything! Not all puzzles can be logical.

In Logic Puzzle Map your objective is to unlock 4 different rooms in which you will parkour. You will find buttons and each one of them unlocks an area. The 4 areas are from basic to hard level and there is a final puzzle. Enjoy. How to ins...[Read More]

Negentropy Map is a Singleplayer Puzzle Map with 48 Challenging Levels. There are 4 different types of moving objects, every one behaving differently. Your goal in each Level is to place all of the pieces in your inventory down without them...[Read More]

Escape me is a puzzle map where you must try to find something that can lead you to the next level. It has nine different stages. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the “saves”...[Read More]

Can you complete all of the incomplete circuits? Some circuits are easy, some are hard. Redstone Troubles map depends what you know about redstone. In this big redstone knowledge test, you must complete all 11 circuits. With confusing puzzl...[Read More]

Are you ready for 14 challenging stages and to save the world? Nothing quite like a nice little puzzle map to tease the brain. This map works in Multiplayer. Features: 4 Find the button levels. 4 Trivia levels. 1 Small parkour stage. 4 Craf...[Read More]

In this puzzle map you have to die to get through to the next level. There are 1 to 30 levels to get through. Always follow the signs and the “What to do?” button otherwise you won’t be able to get through properly. If you don’t know what t...[Read More]

This is a map which is about dying in a room, but it ain’t easy. Solutions: Level 1: Walk into the cactus. That’s it! Level 2: Mine the Ice with you pickaxe and drown. Level 3: Destroy all the torches and get killed by a Zombie. Level 4: Bu...[Read More]

This map focuses on you venturing through 15 different puzzles, trying to solve your way through the Kitatcho Laboratories. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. If the ?saves? folde...[Read More]

This Minigame is based on the popular online game “Cookie Clicker” There is not a specific goal. You only collect cookies for buy. The Power Ups increase the amount of Cookies per second. You can only get 10x of all the power ups. Let’s Pla...[Read More]

Raise the Flag 3: Puzzle Run is a multiplayer minigame for 2-8 players! The aim of this map is to complete the various challenges before the other teams manage to do so and place your flag on the top of the flagpole in the centre. Map Trail...[Read More]

This map is filled with fun mazes, parkour, search and finds, carnival games, you name it! The map also features a score system. There are hidden chests hidden allover the map filled with emeralds! Collect as many of those to find out your ...[Read More]

First of all why did I call this map a puzzle? well its because there is absolutely no storyline accept some military genius courses you need to use your brain to pass them. This map is one of the biggest and largest map of minecraft and th...[Read More]

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