[1.10.2] Rocket Squids Mod Download

A Minecraft mod featuring fire-breathing super squids. Rocket Squids Mod for Minecarft 1.10.2 Mods adds a new species of squid with fascinating new behaviour and they have a certain beauty. Hundreds of Rocket Squids were harmed during the m...[Read More]

[1.8] Soccer Cars (Rocket League) Map Download

Rocket League in vanilla Minecraft. Control a car to play soccer! Based off of ?Rocket League?, available on Steam. Players: 2-4 Resource Pack: Inside the download file How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to ...[Read More]

Rocket Ships Command Map Download

This command adds rocket ships, which you can ride to the moon. How to use: To add any one-command creation to your world, first give yourself a command block with /give @p command_block. Next, place it and paste the following command insid...[Read More]

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