Maze Runner Mod adds items, blocks, structures and mobs from the Maze Runner series. Features: Blocks based on terrain and structures from Maze Runner Series. Weapons featured in the Maze Runner Series. Added Grievers. Items featured in the...[Read More]

Magma Runner is a drop down racing game where players rush to be the first down as magma falls from above. There are several speeds as well as items to enhance gameplay. Map is recommended for 2+ players but can be played with only one, tho...[Read More]

Frosty is on the run. Guide him through over 50 different obstacles to keep him from dying. Use the [A] and [D] arrow keys to move Frosty left and right to help him avoid the obstacles! The longer you survive, the higher your score. Let’s P...[Read More]

This is an awesome new parkour map. Don’t know how the new slime blocks work? Here’s a map about it!!! Play with your Friends in this crazy race (Max 4 Players)! How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecr...[Read More]

When waking up you find yourself a weird place called “The Glade.” You have no past memories of your life. Outside of The Glade is a massive maze that looks almost impossible to get through, and it’s your job to get out. When night falls hu...[Read More]

Race solo, challenge your friends, and even build your own race track and race on it. The race tracks Build your own track Instructions: To race one of the pre-built tracks: Select ‘Race 1′ or ‘Race 2′ from the options Select ‘Singleplayer’...[Read More]

Super Steve Runner is a fast paced skill based game where you have to pass challenging obstacles to reach the goal at the end. The game is much like Super Monkey Ball with similar themes, gameplay and structure. Just like in Monkey Ball you...[Read More]

Texture Pack: Professional Redstoner Texture Pack

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