Have you been looking for a mod that allows you to easily sell items on your server? Well then, you’ve found the right mod. Shopping Mod adds one block called the Market where you can buy the item that is defined in the config file. It’s gr...[Read More]

I am looking for some staff this is a white listed server and i am waiting for it to be good to add to some more things I need some help Builder-5 Admins-3 Mods-3 Helpers-5 Requirements: GamerTag: Spot you are trying for: Age:(10+) Why do y...[Read More]

This custom world was built in MC-SAS Minecraft server. It is one of the most downloaded server spawn point now Building’s coordinate: x:23 y:71 z:49 Note: Some players might be spawned on random place but most players usually be spawned on...[Read More]

Many people just can’t seem to make a Minecraft server; Be it the startup script or the port forwarding. Also, having the entire summer to express my programming skills, I decided to make this. Sure, there are other ones out there, but I wa...[Read More]

Minecraft Server Manager is a small tool helping you to setup, edit and manage your Minecraft server! It provides an easy understanding and simple interface and a CommandManager for running server. This little tool makes it as simple as pos...[Read More]

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