This map is called Shadow Maze, its a PvP Free For All Map, this map can be played by 2 or more people, the limit is 8 teams of 3 people. You have a lot of settings to chose for each round, this make the map replayable and fun for a long ti...[Read More]

The Shadow World mod is a mod, which adds a dark new dimension, two new bosses and a lot more. Like over 100 new Items, more than 20 new Mobs and a bunch of new Mobs hostile and friendly. It won’t affect over world worldgen. This mod is cur...[Read More]

How to install Shadow of Minecraft Texture Pack for Minecraft In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Minecraft using MCPatcher or using OptiFine. Optifine is preferred as it includes al...[Read More]

Skin made by BlackBandit

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