Sporks 2 mod adds 6 sporks to the game. The sporks function as multi-tools, and can be inverted to mine in a 3×3 area. They come in wood, stone, iron, etc. and a Destiny Spork – crafted with 8 nether stars it mines almost instantly and deal...[Read More]

Sporks Stuff mod adds many new and useful tools to your Minecraft game. Blocks/Items: Solstick: Will clear any rain and set it to morning Staff of Precipitation: Make it rain! Staff of nightfall: It makes it dark. Thor’s staff: Will make it...[Read More]

Sporks Mod varies the number and types of spork in Minecraft. Sporks are added in every tool type plus a new OP “Destiny Spork” and each of them acts as a multitool that can be flipped over to dig in a 3×3 area. All 6 sporks in their defaul...[Read More]

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