UniqueImpact’s Obstacle Course 4 Map is the 4th instalment in my awesome Obstacle Course series. The basic premise of the map is to jump, climb, bounce, run and dive though 50 diverse and interesting obstacles in a race against the clock! F...[Read More]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giant flying snake! That’s right! UniqueImpact’s ObSNAKEle Course is a series of 35 snakey obstacles through which you must slither, slip and slide through the hoards of sky snakes in an attempt to re...[Read More]

It’s another frantic struggle through 50 obstacles as you jump, run, duck and dive all in an attempt to reach the finish and stop the clock in as little time as possible. This map can be played alone or with as many friends as you want, and...[Read More]

Obstacle course is back for round 2. This time, it’s bigger, better and 173.2% more awesome! With a brand new collection of 50 awesome obstacles, you’ll be running, jumping, dodging and diving through giant tanks of guardians, deadly minefi...[Read More]

This map is rather different from other maps out there, as, in stead of it being themed specifically around one thing, this course is aimed at most aspects of the game. The aim of the map is to complete the giant obstacle course in as littl...[Read More]

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