This mod is meant to make minecraft survival much harder. You wake up in an underground shelter and just like in a ‘real’ apocalypse: Food and water is scarce Barren surface – no grass or flowers All trees are ‘dead’ – no leaves Dry wastela...[Read More]

How to Install Industrial Wasteland for Tekkit Resource Pack Make sure your  Minecraft is updated to 1.6 or higher Download the resource pack and put it somewhere easily accessible (Desktop) Open up your .minecraft from Run > %appdata% &...[Read More]

This map is 3000×1500 and it has very little features (as shown on the map). its most defining thing is the snow layer which blends in a really cool way to create thick snowdrifts which you will have to dig through

Wasteland Story: Its a nuclear fallout and the world is a wasteland, most dirt is stripped from the earth. In the Wasteland there are few plants, the animals and monsters are stronger & mutated. Nuclear blasts have removed many ores, ke...[Read More]

Welcome the the scorched earth of the Fallout Wasteland!  This texture pack turns the usually lush colors of Minecraft to a barren and ruined landscape.  Walk in the tattered shoes of a Vault dweller, just escaping the buried cities and fac...[Read More]

Ever wanted to play Minecraft after the apocalypse, sort of a way to relive Mad Max or the popular Fallout series?  Now you can live your last days, the last survivor in a dark, desolate land.  The mountains have been laid to waste, the oce...[Read More]

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