MaxCraft Minecraft 1.4.6 SKYRIM Server- Cracked, No lag, No hamachi, ! 24_7

Direct Howdy ho Natives! Here I’ve got the most important changes in the 1.4.4 update released a few days ago by Mojang! If you’d like a complete changelog, please click the link below! Enjoy! The next Minecraft 1.4 “bug fix” release is about to be made public. While this version has many bug fixes to the current 1.4.2 release there are also a number of feature changes in this update. This tutorial is fully compatible with the new Minecraft version 1.4.5. It explains how to create a Minecraft server using the original method of a separate server app (ie not via the new in-game server). I will have a tutorial up on the new in-game server feature soon. Subscribe to be notified when I upload that!
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  1. is it still on 1.4.6???



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