Minecraft Xbox 360 1.9 or 1.2 Update Informatio

www.mediafire.com www.mediafire.com www.mediafire.com There is a hidden easter egg in the Tutorial world of the Minecraft xbox 360 Edition.. There is a hidden nether portal inside the huge minecraft logo, pretty cool! 😀 Be sure to rate the video ^^ If you go to the tutorial world as of patch 1.7.3 and go to either side of the huge minecraft logo sign, there are levers which open a hidden entrance to find a secret nether portal easter egg.. Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Survival Map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Map Minecraft Xbox 360 Survival Downloadable Map Minecraft Xbox 360 Adventure Map Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Survival Map Download Minecraft Xbox 360 NEW Updated Survival Map Minecraft Xbox 360 Updated Survival Map


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