[Released] Minecraft server hacks 1.4.2 – Download here

Download: tinyurl.com Step 1 : Download the files needed from the url below or here: tinyurl.com Step 2 : Follow the detailed tutorial in the zip file. Step 3 : RULE! Some (just some) of the features in this ultimate hack! – Burn – Clear – OP – FlyMod – FlyHack – Take down Server – Works on client AND server – All versions Features: Griefing tool BendOver/Sneak – Sneaking… Fly – Fly Rage/SpeedMiner – Speedmining Speed – Sprint Speed Step – Step hack PMS/Derp – Derping Condom/KillAura – Hits people for you… PlaceDEmSHeet/Fastplace – No place block delay Nuker – Creative Nuker Nofall – No Fall damage LookAtThatBody/Aimbot – Aims at people for you UltraSound/Xray – Xray SeeDatSheet/Fullbright – Lightens blockas and entities NoJizz/Weather – No Weather Jesus – Walk/place on water NoRender – No render BabyMonitor/Radar – Text Radar AutoTool – Changes to the best tool FindDATFather/Tracer – Traces to player Other info: To install a client on a windows computer. 1. Press start (glowing orb in bottom left corner) and search Appdata 2. Go to roaming/.minecraft/bin 3 you will see a Java file called minecraft. Delete it and put the minecraft file you download in that bin folder. Make sure its name is minecraft. 4.Boot up minecraft and enjoy hacking! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Download: tinyurl.com
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